Roofing Maintenance Auckland – A Roof Is More Than a Shield from the Elements

Wednesday 21 September 2016, 8:43PM
By Barrier Roofing


A home’s roof might be thought of as a mere shield from the elements. After all, it’s technically its main job. Several homeowners also think that their roofs will last them with little to no upkeep. Roofing service is often a mere afterthought. But what these people know is that a roof’s primary purpose (as well as its secondary job) is enough reason to warrant regular maintenance.

Major Punishment

Auckland residents are likely to love their weather. They live in one of the sunniest locales in New Zealand, with 2,060 hours of sunshine each year. There’s also balance as the region receives a mean annual rainfall of 1,240 mm. Temperatures range from 23 degrees Celsius in summer to 14 degrees Celsius in the winter.

Overall, the climate is as pleasant as it gets. Roofs don’t always find this appealing, however. Constant rainfall and sunshine can wreak havoc on a roof over time. Double the trouble if the homeowner doesn’t even consider roofing maintenance until it’s too late. Moreover, a damaged roof brings more trouble than puddles on the floor.

Matters of Kerb Appeal

A roof is more than just a shield from the elements. For instance, a good-looking roof can add value to a home. This concept is based on a home’s kerb appeal — i.e. how a property looks as soon as the buyer drives up the kerb, hence the name. A home that looks good right out of the bat is as valuable as it gets. And this aesthetic value is greatly influenced by two visually obvious factors: the front porch/door and the roof. The roof alone is responsible for almost half of the home’s immediate visual appeal.

A damaged roof is an eyesore. Forget everything that’s been done to stage the home on the inside if the roof is in a subpar state. This is where regular maintenance, including roof resurfacing, plays a major part. A well-kept roof not only protects the property from the elements, but is also vital in terms of aesthetics. Home buyers gauge a home’s look first — a fact in real estate. Buyers have to work with that, not around that.

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