Kiwis Could Have Saved Billions from Electric Bills, But...

Wednesday 21 September 2016, 8:48PM
By Adam Tulloch Electrical Limited


Everyone wants to save more than a few dollars on bills, but it seems that Kiwis missed out on the chance, and ended up forking out billions as a result. A recent report from Stuff.co.nz says New Zealand households could have saved over $1.5 billion on electric bills during the last five years if they switched to more affordable providers. Most of them did not.

Complacent About Electric Bills

Information from the Electricity Authority shows the Kiwis’ alleged complacency when it comes to electric bills. Not only is it costing them a huge amount of money; it is also causing them to miss out on better providers and opportunities to save.

The lack of options is not a factor. In fact, 12 of the country’s 16 regions increased the number of providers in 2015, probing more than 400,000 individuals and households to make the switch.

Electricity Authority chief Carl Hansen says, ‘Our research shows only 60 percent of customers consider their electricity options each year, either by looking into switching or investigating the options with their current retailer.’

Not Just About the Provider

While a reasonable provider is a major factor in determining how much Kiwis have to pay for their electricity, a few other things also add to their electric costs. An increase in population and energy consumption in several regions contributes to skyrocketing bills. The use of appliances that require more energy also surfaces in the costs. 

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau names faulty wiring as another cause of electricity price hikes in the country and warns households against the possible dangers it brings. To avoid the mounting costs of electricity, reasonable prices and reliable information regarding its use are necessary. Guidance from qualified professionals is also helpful.

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