Major Golf Event Confirmed For Auckland

Thursday 13 October 2016, 10:38AM
By dave worsley


How far can you hit a golf ball? As far as 459 yards (419.71 metres)? That’s the best drive in competition by American Maurice Allen, the top ranked driver in the Long Drivers European Tour (LDET) which is heading to New Zealand for its finale next month.

In a coup the LDET Year-End Championship 2016 has been confirmed to be held in Auckland’s  Remuera Golf Club, Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th November.

The LDET held tournaments in nine different nations this year with New Zealand set to be the be the tenth and the first host country outside of Europe.

Xavier Eusebio Garcia the CEO of the LDET is thrilled with the confirmation and how long driving can start to spread around the world.

“It’s a great challenge for the circuit. It will be the first time the circuit will have a tournament outside of Europe and I’m sure New Zealand fans will enjoy the great opportunity to watch the best players of the tour in a special final championship.”

The biggest drives on the LDET circuit this year have been 438 yards by Allen ahead of 433 yards by Emil Roseberg (Sweden).

Eight different nations will be represented in the finalists. The qualifiers are Allen (United States), Roseberg (Sweden), Bob de Boef (Holland), Teemu Pikanen (Finland), Mauro Benaglio (Switzerland), Tanguy Marionex (Belgium), Timo Petrasch (Germany) and Ilija Djurdjevic (Serbia).

Saturday 5th November will feature demonstrations and clinics with members of the public and media who have won their places testing themselves against the ELDT athletes at Remuera Golf Club. Sunday 6th November is the tournament itself as the eight finalists go head-to-head for the year-end title.  

Allen the No.1 LDET ranked player at the end of 2015 and features in many records around long driving. He has appeared in Guinness World Records for distance the ball speed, 211mph and has the fastest record club head speed at 164 mph to name a few.

He has appeared many times on NBC’s Golf Channel and various charity golf events, has a degree in biology from A and M University in Florida and spends a large part of his time working in charity. Allen just happens to be the nephew of NBA legend Julius ‘Dr J’ Erving, but is a huge rugby fan.

More details will be released in the next couple of weeks including the schedule and activities around the final and ways people can win a challenge against the LDET competitiors.