Towelling It Beach Towels Towelling It Beach Towels CREDIT: Adam Jay

Tiny Towel Frustration Solved: Introducing NZ Design, Extra-Large Beach Towels

Friday 14 October 2016, 3:35PM
By Adam Jay


With summer beckoning, it shan’t be long until we begin seeing a multitude of under-prepared beach bodies; beat-red, burnt backs and jandal tans.  Yes, there are some bits of summer that aren’t so awesome. In particularly, the main culprit of beach time discomfort – SAND.

Why is it that beach towels seem freakishly small to even the most miniature of users? This was the question Emma Lou asked herself, one fateful afternoon at Muriwai Beach. Giving up hope of every finding a reasonable sized beach towel which, god forbid, you could actually lie on without ending up partially in the sand, Lou had resorted to taking two towels with her on summer excursions.

Sharing her frustrations with good friend, Charlotte Rose, the pair decided to take a stand against the tiny towel, miniature madness, deciding to design and produce their own range of extra-large NZ beach towels – “Towelling it” was born.

With a background in graphic design, Rose has produced some unique, funky designs, which paired with soft, 100% cotton has made for a product set to finally enhance the beach experience.  Giant in size and featuring a handy pocket for phones, keys and other valuables, Towelling It’s range of beach towels are a must-have for any self-confessed beach bum.

Towelling it also offer custom designed towels, offering the opportunity to work with their designer to bring your ideas to life. 

With plans to expand their product range and work with NZ sotckists to bring their product to a greater audience, Towelling It aims to be a fixture at NZ beaches for this summer.