Anderton refuses to control BZP, tries to blame Greens

Thursday 13 December 2007, 3:30PM
By Green Party

The Green Party absolutely refutes Jim Anderton’s claims that they have blocked the passage of his BZP Bill.

Mr Anderton has issued two press releases today, repeating the line that the Greens have “declined to allow the Bill to proceed under urgency before Christmas.”

“No one has approached us with regard to getting this Bill passed under urgency. We have never refused to do so, as we have never been asked,” Green Party Associate Health Spokesperson Metiria Turei says.

“Jim Anderton is being misleading by implying that we have declined any such request.

“If Mr Anderton is unable to get his Bill through Parliament before Christmas, it is because he has failed to gain the necessary political support.

“Furthermore, Mr Anderton could have, and should have, acted to toughen up rules surrounding BZP some time ago. He could enforce the regulations that already exist, rather than opting to push these substances underground into the hands of criminals and gangs.

“We support strict regulations around the sale of so-called ‘party pills’ to allow for proper monitoring, control, education and safety messages.

“Green policy would classify alcohol, tobacco and BZP as Class D drugs, and apply strong regulations to their sale and use. These would include heavily enforced age restrictions, restrictions on outlets, mandatory health information and severe penalties for breaching regulations,” Mrs Turei says.