NZ People's Party Candidate vows to clean up Mt Roskill

Friday 11 November 2016, 4:26PM
By NZ People's Party


Mt Roskill By-Election candidate Roshan Nauhria has today released his law and order policy. Surrounded by supporters at the entrance to Mt Eden prison he delivered a message to attending media.

“I have a message to those who have terrorised us; its’ over, it has ended. Too many people are hurting, it’s time to clean up Mt Roskill.”

He outlined a policy that would see an increase of front line police and tougher sentencing a top priority if he was to become the MP of Mt Roskill. 

“If you are a victim of a crime, come talk to me. I will tell everyone in Parliament of the crime, I wont stop and I won’t be silent.” 

Mr Nauhria also outlined that stronger support for rehabilitation with a view for job placement upon release would be on his agenda sighting the SSI poll he commissioned. The survey had the opinion showed that 54% of the 762 Aucklanders surveyed agreed that more jobs and lower unemployment would help battle crime.  


He even made his own offer of help, proposing to prisoners to reach out to him personally, “When you come out of here come and see me for a job.”