Karcher Launches New 36V Cordless Water Blaster

Monday 14 November 2016, 3:30PM
By Beckie Wright

Karcher has launched a new cordless, battery powered water blaster into the New Zealand market, just in time for our summer. Basically, this water blaster is all about convenience and having the ability to take it to the bach to give it a summer clean, throw it in the ute to wash down the boat and a myriad of other uses.

The 36V Cordless Water Blaster with K1 battery is not really comparable to any other water blaster that Karcher have on the market. This water blaster is in a class of its own and not like any other Karcher water blaster in the current range. The idea behind this water blaster is convenience and having a mobile, transportable unit that can be taken to the beach, kept in the truck or at the bach as a ‘second’ water blaster for those times you don’t need a big, powerful water blaster. It’s perfect for cleaning down the boat, kayak, bikes or vehicles.

The convenience of this cleaning application is that it can be used away from mains power and mains water supply and has minimal floor space requirements, easy storage, is compact and portable, small but powerful and with a high level of mobility.  

The 36V Cordless Water Blaster has a quick connect gun with safety lock on trigger, to prevent unauthorised use (ie by children), a large on/off switch easily activated by foot if needed, and in eco mode it saves water and energy with three times longer running time than standard mode. It also features an LED battery state of charge power display.

For more information on this convenient cordless pressure washer and Karcher’s other products, please vist the website at .