Metropolitan Rentals Offers an Impressive Fleet of Rental Vehicles

Thursday 24 November 2016, 4:01PM

By Metropolitan Rentals



Throughout life, fantastic and stressful events may happen requiring you to completely change where you once called home.

It may be that your job requires you to move abroad for a promotion or you might be moving into your dream home. At busy and hectic times, you have to schedule and prioritize your time and you need the right tools and right vehicle to help move forward.

For this reason, specialist providers like Metropolitan Rentals have been servicing Auckland and parts of New Zealand since 1948 offering a great solution for at this time.

As a one of a kind specialist vehicle provider, Metropolitan Rentals can cater to any moving needs be it for relocating homes, weekend rentals, weddings and other special events, including the film industry. They are customer focused, providing reliable service and affordable rental rates.

A Grand Fleet of Vehicle Solutions

What the company means by being a specialist vehicle provider is their great collection of vehicles, which makes their service relevant to all kinds of moving jobs. From London cabs to industrial use trucks, they have an incredible amount of vehicles to choose from.

Metropolitan Rentals has the following fleet of vehicles:


  • Cars
    • Small 2 Door Cars
    • Medium 4 Door Cars
    • 2 Litre Station Wagons
    • 6 Cylinder Cars
    • London Taxi


  • Trucks
    • 2 Ton Furniture Truck
    • 3 Ton Furniture Truck
    • 5 Ton Furniture Truck
    • 6 Ton Furniture Truck
    • 8 Ton Furniture Truck
    • 11 Ton Furniture Truck
    • 20 Ton Furniture Truck
    • 6 Ton Curtainsider
    • 8 Ton Curtainsider
    • 18 Ton Curtainsider
    • 2 Ton Flat Deck Truck
    • 3 Ton Flat Deck Truck
    • 8 Ton Flat Deck Truck
    • 8 Ton Flat Deck Truck
    • 2 and 3 Ton Tip trucks
    • 6 Ton Tip Trucks
    • 8 Ton Tip Trucks
    • 6 Ton Hiab
    • 8 Ton Hiab
    • 6 Ton Transporter Truck


  • Minibus hire Auckland
    • 6 Seater Minibus
    • 8 Seater Minibus
    • 11 Seater Minibus
    • 12 Seater Minibus
    • 12 Seater Minibus
    • 14 Seater Minibus
    • 15 Seater Minibus
    • 21 Seater Minibus
    • 21 Seater Minibus
    • Luggage Trailers


  • Van hire Auckland and Utes
    • LWB Cargo Van
    • Food Transit Cargo Van
    • Mercedes Cargo Van
    • Jumbo Ford Transit Cargo Van
    • Single Cab Flatdeck Ute
    • 4 x 4 Double Cab Ute with Canopy
    • Wardrobe Van


  • 4x4 Vehicles
    • Single Cab Flatdeck Ute
    • 4 x 4 Double Cab with Canopy
    • Toyota Prado / Mitsubishi Pajero


Metropolitan Rentals is an owner operated company known for offering quality vehicle rentals for all kinds of use. They also offer the latest model vehicles in each fleet category to suit their customer’s demands.

For more information, contact Metropolitan Rentals at 09 630 2030 or use their enquiry form.