All Steel Security Highlights Unbendable and Solid Property Protection

Thursday 1 December 2016, 4:12PM
By All Steel Security


Whether you have prized possessions and valuables kept inside your property or not, the threat of burglars and unwanted visitors breaking into your property is not a nice thought.

With this in mind, you may have installed deadbolts, security alarms and even CCTV networks to your property, but sometimes these measures are not enough to discourage a break-in. That’s why for industry specialists like All Steel Security, it’s crucial that doors remain locked and inaccessible to deter any unwanted visitors.

Unbendable Solution

When faced with a thick steel wall frame, door, or similar barrier, any effort to break-in is futile. The skilled craftsman from All Steel Security knows this too well. As one of the trusted and primary providers of security doors in Auckland, they proudly secure thousands of homes for their clients.

They offer the following steel-based security solutions:

  • Bollards and Gates
    • Fixed Flange Bollard
      • Steel - galvanized or powder coated
      • Bolted to the concrete
      • No hole required
    • Fixed Bollard
      • Steel - galvanized or powder coated
      • 50mm - 250mm in diameter
      • Standard Spec:- 1300mm long, 500mm in ground
      • Concrete filled
    • Removable bollard/padlock
      • Steel - galvanized or powder coated
      • Fold down cover plate
      • 75mm and 150mm diameter pipe
    • Removable auto locking bollard
      • Hinged cover plate option
      • Easy to operate
      • Secure
    • Stainless steel fixed bollard
      • Quality bollard, with a great finish
      • Smart looking security
      • Concrete filled
  • Crash Barriers
    • Swing barrier
      • High security
      • Secure lock box
      • Spec'd to suit your level of security
      • Easy to operate
    • Sliding barrier
      • High security
      • Easy to operate
      • All you need is wall space, equal to the door opening
    • Fixed barrier
      • Set in concrete, but can be made removable
      • Designed to suit your level of security
      • Galvanized or powder coated
  • Door Security
    • Hi Security Steel Doors
      • Steel jamb
      • Hot dipped galvanized (long life)
      • Quality 304 Lockwood lock
      • Stainless steel hinges
      • Hinges pin locks
      • Powder coating options
    • Anti-jemmy plates
      • Protect the lock from jemmy attacks
    • Steel sheathing/wooden door
      • Strengthen and protect your wooden door
      • Sheathing doubles as an anti-jemmy plate
      • Dead locks and anti-jemmy pins
      • Cost effective door security

Aside from a supplier of roller doors in Auckland, All Steel Security also offers Xpanda, roller grilles and doors, security bars, and more. For further info, contact them on 0800 008 600 or use their enquiry form.