2016 Charity House Sells For $200,000

Tuesday 6 December 2016, 9:20AM
By Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology



$200,000 – that’s the amazing price our fourth annual Toi Ohomai Charity House went for at auction on Sunday, thanks to winners Judy and Graeme Hardie.

“This house is excellent,” says Mr Hardie. “We saw it advertised and originally thought ‘Nah’, because the artist’s impression doesn’t do it justice. It looked too small. But when we saw it online and saw how big it was, we walked in and thought ‘Ooh’. Funnily enough we have plans sitting with a guy at the moment, very similar to this.”

The three-bedroom, two-bathroom home, fully insulated to twice the existing building code requirements will soon be winging its way out to Hamurana, where the couple can already picture their grandkids enjoying their new retreat.

Built by our Rotorua based carpentry, electrical and interior design students, the proceeds of the 137sqm home will be given out to local charity initiatives, with applications set to be released in January, via A point not lost on the ecstatic Hardies.

“The fact the charities do so well out of it is a biggie,” says Mrs Hardie. “The house is just outstanding and it’s a win/win for everybody – us, the students with their training and the community. We are very happy.”