Police, CAA, Jetstar and AvSec investigating NZ aviation security threat

Friday 23 December 2016, 2:23AM
By Community Taranaki


UPDATE 4.48PM: A Jetstar representative says it is still possible criminal charges are laid after a security threat was reported to Auckland Airport early Friday morning.

It prompted Jetstar to warn passengers that security threats to aviation in New Zealand will not be tolerated and offenders of this crime can be prosecuted. 

The threat which was posted online last night by a furious Jetstar passenger was due to depart Wellington to Auckland on flight JQ266 at 8.20pm when the flight was canceled due to engineering issues.

Concerned members of the public had made contact with Wellington and Auckland airports to report the nature of the threat.

The Civil Aviation Authority had been informed and were conducting their own investigation into the threat. Jetstar's aviation security team were working with the CAA, Aviation Security said. 

The report said the passenger had publicly posted saying he would die on a Jetstar flight to get revenge. The passenger threatened to take 'severe action' if they didn't receive a phone call from Jetstar. 

A Jetstar representative confirmed they had the 'concerning' threat reported to their contact centre from a member of the public and they were taking the threat very seriously. 

infonews.co.nz has been able to confirm the New Zealand Police had issued an official warning to the person involved but currently investigations were still continuing and no arrests had yet been made. 

Wellington Airport will be operating its busiest day of the year today, and security levels had been heightened in all airports nationwide to meet extra demand.

The identity of the person who had made the threat had already been established by Auckland Airport security when Police began investigating urgently this morning. 

A Jetstar representative confirmed that no flights had been canceled or delayed as a result of the threat.

In the event of any threat being made against aviation security, you should contact affected airports without delay. If you believe someone is in immediate danger, call 111.