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Despite a Drop in New Car Registrations, 2016 is Still a Great Year for Cars in NZ

Tuesday 3 January 2017, 2:55PM
By Christchurch Wreckers Ltd.


In 2015, the chief executive of the Motor Industry Association of New Zealand, David Crawford, said that there were more than 100,000 new vehicle registrations that year, a large increase from the 2014 figure. Although the number of registrations dropped in 2016, the top seller remains the same; the Ford Ranger.

The pickup truck beat the Toyota Hilux, the Toyota Corolla, the Holden Colorado, the Toyota RAV 4 and the Mitsubishi Triton, among other popular models. In addition to landing the top spot in the list of most purchased cars in New Zealand, Ford has also announced a significant growth in sales during 2016. The Ford Ranger has continued to grow in popularity and Ford has also announced successful worldwide sales of other models such as the Ford Falcon.

The Ford Ranger models were first sold in the United States in the early 1980s and thereafter have been sold across more than 100 countries worldwide.

New Zealand’s motor industry has been showing steady growth in recent years, with vehicle sales paving the way for growth in businesses offering other car-related products and services; the more cars are sold, the more car owners there are to cater to.

Even businesses focusing on used carsin Christchurch and elsewhere are benefitting from the country’s booming motor industry.

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