Jag Creative Have Some Great Ideas for Business Brokers

Thursday 19 January 2017, 8:32PM
By Beckie Wright

First and foremost, the team at Jag Creative would like to wish all their clients a happy holiday season and a great New Year. However, they are also out of the blocks early in 2017 with some very ‘creative’ ideas for business brokers.

Their approach is, that they see selling a business as similar to selling a house. When people sell their homes, they hire a professional to ‘dress’ their homes with contemporary furniture, undertaking, wherever necessary, a paint job and extensive cleaning. This is so they can get a premium price for their property when they sell, in other words, to get the best price possible, simply because it looks nice.

It shouldn’t be any different with a business. For anyone thinking of selling their business, why not rebrand, get some attractive corporate identity, marketing materials and upgrade their website. This will definitely demand a higher sale price for their business, providing, of course, that the whole idea does not get shut down by the ‘number crunchers’.

As the Jag Creative team put it, “Perhaps you’ve bought a business for a low price (because the vendor didn’t dress it). Now that you’ve bought a business, you want to put your mark on it and make it look good to attract the right target market, and grow the business. It’s a great idea to start with a clean slate when beginning a new business.

“In both cases, talk to the pro’s at Jag who will help you to make your business look good, so that you CAN connect to other businesses through design. Well designed branding, marketing collateral will help your business.”

Jag Creative provide a high level of client care, graphic design, branding and communications that create tangible results, and with their 30 years in the design and marketing industry, and a hand picked team of experts, they are well positioned to do just that. The Jag Creative team are passionate about the use of good quality design to connect businesses to their customers, and with many more great ideas coming from their team in 2017 they are the design and branding company to watch this year.

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