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Interior Painters Wellington – How to Use The Colour Wheel In Interior Design
Friday 27 January 2017, 3:27PM
By Gavin Chan Decorators Limited


Interior design involves a lot of concepts. But perhaps nothing is more important to creating a great aesthetic than choosing the proper colours and making appropriate combinations. When it comes to interior design, coming up with a look best begins with the walls.

Interior painters in Wellington will vouch for this. Be it for commercial or residential application, the colour of the walls provides an ample starting point with which every other design decision will be made on later in the project. However, not all colours work well with each other. Understanding the basics of the colour wheel can make sorting out pleasing colour combinations easier.

When it comes to making a space look good, providers of both residential and commercial painting in Wellington can’t just pick two or three colours simultaneously and run with it. For a truly pleasing look, certain ‘theories’ must be applied. The most important thing to note is that there are three main colour groups: primary, secondary, and tertiary. Red, blue, and yellow are obviously the primary ones. Mixing them with each other creates secondary colours (orange, green, and violet). Tertiary colours are produced by mixing a secondary colour and a primary colour (i.e. yellow orange, red violet, yellow green, etc).

The key to choosing the right combination lies in being aware of basic colour schemes present on the colour wheel. There’s the self-explanatory monochromatic scheme (one colour, different shades or levels of brightness). Next is the analogous scheme, which includes two to six hues sitting right next to each other. Other schemes are the complementary (two colours sitting directly across each other on the wheel) and the triad (any three colours making up a triangle in the centre).

Choosing from the four main colour schemes can get anyone started with mixing and matching. Once mastery is obtained, there’s an opportunity to play around with shades and hues for a truly personalised palette.

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