High Tourist Demand: A Challenge for Car Rentals to Meet

Friday 27 January 2017, 4:36PM

By Metropolitan Rentals



New Zealand — As tourists fly in from different parts of the world to enjoy a short vacation, rental companies are scrambling to meet the growing demand for their services. Overseas visitors are leaving car rentals virtually fully booked, as they hire their services to travel around the country.

Number of Hires Reach a Record High

In a report from, Rental Vehicle Association New Zealand’s chief executive, Barry Kidd, says that an estimate of at least 120,000  car hires for both January and February. Mr. Kidd added that this number surpassed last year’s 100,000-estimate, which the association initially thought was the peak season for hires. He says that rental hires may reach up to 145,000 for the month, with 80% of them catering to overseas visitors.

Businesses Expand Fleet Capacity

Rental businesses are getting ready for the influx, adding hundreds of vehicles to their fleet to accommodate the huge numbers. James Dalgish, a car hire business owner, plans to add around 700 cars and boost his staff size to better attend to the vacationing tourists, most of whom will be coming from Asia.

Other business owners warned those who are planning a similar getaway to book early, and perhaps, to expect a compromise, as the rentals are currently operating at full capacity.

In addition to the coming Chinese New Year, New Zealand’s booming tourism is a major contributor to the growing number of visitors each year. A country rich in natural attractions such as volcanoes, mountains and islands, it has caught the attention of nature lovers and vacationers who want a change in scenery.

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