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Auckland Wide Removals Provide Stress Free Moving in 2017
Tuesday 7 February 2017, 3:30PM
By Beckie Wright

January is a very busy time for the Auckland Wide Removals company, but their service is as exemplary as ever. Taking into account people’s very busy lives at this time of the year, they are in the business of making moving home that much less stressful. With Auckland Wide Removals people won’t have to worry about all the small details that make moving such a stressful process as they will take care of everything with care and professionalism, treating their client’s house as if it were their own, with their mission statement being, “To provide Kiwis with quality, comprehensive moving solutions at affordable prices”.

The Auckland Wide Removals team assemble and disassemble all types of furniture and appliances, and once the packing and dismantling are complete, they then begin carefully loading their truck, utilising quality furniture blankets and straps to further protect their clients’ furniture. This involves their experienced packing team packing precious items into cartons, wrapping each item in packing paper then labelling each box ready to load onto the truck and unload into the correct rooms of the client’s new home. Other items such as artwork and antiques are bubble wrapped for that extra protection.

 All their trucks are carpet lined and have rails for securing any item on board and they supply each client with a truck which is a suitable size for the amount of furniture they are transporting. The Auckland Wide Removals trucks then get driven directly to their clients’ destination with no double handling, unless items are to be stored.

They also offer an unpacking service where the Auckland Wide Removals team can unpack the contents of cartons and packages, place the items in the correct cabinets, drawers, closets and remove rubbish, cardboard, paper and packaging from the new location. No stress, no worries and an easy move for everyone concerned.

Owner operator of Auckland Wide Removals, Damien Connolly, introduced some smart new uniforms in 2016 for all his hard-working and reliable team so stand by to see these guys at a street near you! For more information on the services provided by Auckland Wide Removals, please visit the website at .