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Allied Fastenings Partner With NZ Infrastructure
Friday 17 February 2017, 6:05PM
By Beckie Wright

Allied Fastenings Limited (AFL) is an established company forming part of Allied Infrastructure Group, owned and operated by a dedicated group of New Zealand shareholders. The company’s niche role involves hands on management of manufacture and supply logistics to New Zealand infrastructure. AFL’s prime focus for New Zealand infrastructure covers sectors in transportation, highway safety systems, power generation, water and wastewater distribution and marina development.

In conjunction with manufacture and import logistics, AFL has positioned itself through product Research  and Development offering highly bespoke technical support with a team of consulting engineers developing fastening systems throughout the afore mentioned sectors, approved by national organisations such as NZTA, Watercare and Transpower.

AFL employees manage specialist supply systems where product emphasis is principally customer focused. AFL has a proven track record to demonstrate a commitment of world class quality management systems and service to delivering ‘Best Value’ to their clients.

Key factors in the success of AFL, is the hands-on full time commitment of the two Directors, supported by structured management teams in Business Development, Operations, Customer Service and Administration, all sharing comprehensive knowledge of the company’s strategic business.

AFL products are renowned for their functionality and high quality characteristics as sourced from world class manufacturers throughout Europe, UK, USA and Asia.

AFL has proven quality management expertise and practise stringent controls involving third party accreditation ensuring delivery of their product meets AS/NZS or equivalent ISO specification without fail. Systems and processes in place for quality management are rigorously upheld and will not be compromised in any event in order to protect the company’s strong reputation and quality guarantees.

Allied Fastenings’ management is built around integrity and forging long standing relationships throughout its sphere of influence across manufacturers, suppliers, customers and employees. The company constantly strives to create alliances and partnerships in order that all parties achieve winning results and desired outcomes.

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