Heat Pumps Systems in Dunedin

Tuesday 7 March 2017, 1:28PM

By David digal



Believe it or not, heat pumps prices are finally dropping in New Zealand. We have noticed that the heat pump prices have dropped down to as low as $1799 in the last few weeks. If you are one of those people who have been thinking about getting a heat pump for months but haven’t bought one yet then this is the time for you to buy a heat pump now.

As you can see, New Zealand summer weather is really hot. The heat in January was mild, but it’s been really hot in the month of February and due to this hot summer the demand for heat pumps will be going up this year. So if you want to get a heat pump this summer, don’t miss out this special offer. Go grab one for your home.

Fujitsu heat pumps are the best heat pumps in the market now and getting a Fujitsu heat pump at this low price is a very good deal. You also get a 6 year warranty on this Fujitsu heat pump.

Here’s some Fujitsu Heat Pumps Dealers across the country who are offering Heat Pumps at low prices.
1. Goldstar Heat Pumps: Check out this special offer from Goldstar Heat Pumps, who are giving you a big discount on Fujitsu Heat Pumps starting at $1799 including GST and installation. These deals are available in Auckland, Hamilton, Waikato, Tauranga and Napier/Hastings.

2. Cool Air: Checkout this special prices from Cool Air, offering Heat Pumps prices starting at $1900 which includes GST and installation. These deals are available throughout South Canterbury.

3. McClelland Refrigeration & Heat Pumps: Checkout this special offer from McClelland offering a Fujitsu Heat Pumps at $2100 which includes GST & installation. These deals are available in Dunedin and through Otago.

If you’re living in the North Island and interested in buying a Fujitsu Heat Pump Click here.
If you’re living in the South Island and you’re interested in buying a heat pump in Dunedin, you can visit these Fujitsu Heat Pump Dealers website Cool Air & McClelland