Garden Skips Auckland – Preparing Your Garden for the Winter

Tuesday 7 March 2017, 4:06PM
By Payless Bins


If you have a garden, you must know by now that proper maintenance is the key to preparing it for different seasons. Autumn has just started, and winter (while still technically a long way away) is slowly closing in. Is your garden prepared? Bring out your garden skips from Auckland sellers and be ready to get down and dirty.

Of all the tools you have at your disposal, the mini bins from Auckland sellers are perhaps the most critical. It’s fall, so expect your garden — however tidy it may seem — to be full of potentially problematic debris. It is one thing to be able to eliminate pests with pesticides, but it is another thing to keep them from settling in.

If you remove the piles of decaying leaves, twigs, and other debris, you take away potential nesting grounds for insects and other vermin. This also works wonders for preventing fungal spores from taking hold. Such spores are already extremely troublesome for new plants in spring, and there’s no reason for them to be not as destructive in winter.

The plants are not your only main concern. Strongly consider the soil as well. While it may seem like nothing is happening, the ground is still active until the chill sets in. Determine if just transplanted trees, shrubs, and bulbs, as these are growing roots and would need all the nutrients they can get. From here, it’s all a matter of preparation. Spread a thicker layer of fresh organic mulch to protect the soil and plants from the cold. However, be on guard, as too much or too little will cause temperature imbalance in the soil.

Those above are general concerns. What if, for example, you have a vegetable garden? Many gardeners agree that getting rid of old annual plants is vital. Remember those lovely vines you had? They’re probably dead now and would be perfect additions to the compost. Clearing out all dead plants prevents disease and pests from settling in. As for your compost, remember this simple ‘formula’ to ensure proper and efficient decomposition: two parts brown, one-part green.’

Preparing a garden for the winter months involves cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning. You would do well to have enough bins ready for all the debris, which is the sole focus of Payless Bins. A family owned and operated business with 26 years of experience, Payless Bins exhibits a strong sense of commitment to customers within the waste and recycling circle.

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