Environmental Remediation and Waste Management for Land Development

Wednesday 15 March 2017, 4:03PM
By Cato Bolam Consultants


Contaminated land can be exceedingly difficult to develop into a safe, productive site. Whether you wish to convert the land into a housing development, an industrial facility or a livestock grazing field, the presence of contaminants can pose significant health risks to people and animals alike.

Contaminants in the ground typically arise from industrial activities and poor waste management. Hazardous substances may include petroleum, solvents, heavy metals, asbestos, timber treatment chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and more.

This is why environmental remediation is crucial for land development project management — you needto be able to assess all of the risks involved, manage waste and clean up the affected sites. 

Risk Assessments by Cato Bolan Consultants

Cato Bolan Consultants are land surveyors in Auckland,helping companies develop land in a safe and sustainable way. Theyprovide assistance for all land development and project management issues and have the resources to help their clients throughout the stages of planning, development design, implementation and project completion.

Their surveying and engineering services are carried out by a team of qualified ecologists who investigate potentially contaminated land. Their Suitably Qualified Environmental Professionals (SQEP) closelyfollow the standards laid out by the National Environmental Standard for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health Regulations of 2011.

Cato Bolam’s SQEP is responsible for all preliminary and site investigations, from soil sampling to risk assessment. They can also come up with remedial action plans and site validation reports.

With Cato Bolam, clients can identify land development risks early on and proceed with the immediate removal of pollutants in the soil. The company can also help clientscreate a sustainable waste-management plan to prevent re-contamination in the future. The removal of contaminants is critical to ensure an area’s safety, profitability and sustainability.

For contaminated land remediation for land development projects in New Zealand, contact Cato Bolam Consultants today at catobolam@catobolam.co.nz or visit their website at http://catobolam.co.nz