Reliable Electrical Repair and Installations in Auckland

Thursday 23 March 2017, 6:18PM
By Hines Electrical & Security


Electricity has improved the quality of human life beyond recognition. It provides light on dark nights, powers innumerable, vital appliances and devices and is also crucial for heating or cooling homes. It is difficult to imagine life in New Zealand without it.

There are times, however, when the power fails. Breakdowns can happen for a host of different reasons: faults in the wiring; blown fuses; damage to the countless number of parts that comprise the appliances and the wider power network. When a problem develops, prompt repair is necessary to avoid power interruptions and other inconveniences. When finding the best repair options, it is important to seek an electrical services provider in Auckland that you can trust.

Electrical repair and installation is a serious business. While electricity is essential to modern life, it can also be extremely dangerous. If exposed, a live electrical wire can cause electrocution, or can start a fire. Energy Safety, a government body that promotes safety in the field, strongly warns against DIY electrical repairs. They state that only qualified electricians should make repairs to damaged electrical circuits or appliances.

Nothing can replace the peace of mind that comes from hiring professional electrical contractors. In Auckland, and throughout New Zealand, however, any member of the public can choose to undertake certain electrical repair work. Here are the limited instances where it is legal to do so:

1. Replacing fuses; the most common and simplest task on this list.

2. Removing permanently wired appliances (embedded lamps, etc.) from the electrical circuit in the home.

3. Relocate sockets and switches. This is allowed only for circuits that use tough, plastic-sheathed wires.

4. Replacing the hardware for the sockets, switches and the like.

The integrity of the electrical wirings in a home is crucial for maintaining a safe and functional household. If you come across issues at home, remember that calling experts such as Hines Electrical and Security is the best way to go.