Fourth Media Ask "Is Too Much Content Making People Bounce From Your Website?"

Monday 3 April 2017, 11:09AM
By Beckie Wright

Fourth Media are finding that people want more and more, so the question is,  “Why do they want to work less, less and less to get it?” Many blogs and website owners are expressing concern over ‘bounce’. Why would someone sit down and write so many words? Because it’s good for SEO. Actually, it is excellent for SEO, and the Fourth Media team say surely that’s a good thing for any content marketing campaign.


Fourth Media have also discovered that according to some incredibly detailed research from serpIQ, the top 10 results from Google all have a minimum of at least 2,000 words. The reason is because Googlebot, Google’s web crawler, looks at every piece of content on a page, such as words, titles and whatever other information you’ve shared.


Even time on the site analytics are disturbingly short for content that should take longer to read or view. Unfortunately, the argument rages about content length, as it has for years. Why is it so hard to pin down the problem? Because the web has changed and old content ideas are outdated. Speaking of the SEO and length connection, it has also been discovered that longer posts increase your chances of gaining quality backlinks. Again, Fourth Media think that can only be a good thing.


Yes, it seems like no matter what you do, people still want it faster. If the customer is always right, then how do you provide them something that might be impossible? Sometimes it’s a matter of shaving off seconds from seeing and acting upon your content. So, does content length really drive SEO, or are there other reasons people seem to bounce off a site so quickly?


There are people who believe that the bigger your content, either more images, videos or, most commonly, longer written content, the better for your SEO and keeping bounce rates down. There are also those who believe that it’s not about keeping people bouncing around your website but getting them in and then letting them find what they need and get out.


The Fourth Media team believe that there are good arguments for both sides, as their business is all about streamlining the way your organisation is run. They use digital technologies to add value, help businesses grow, streamline business processes and maintain websites, applications, social media and mobile apps, so for more information on Fourth Media and their digital services, please visit the website at .