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Important things to Consider when Booking your Newborn Photo shoot

Wednesday 5 April 2017, 6:25PM
By Boutique Lifestyle Photography


Timing is everything when booking a photo shoot with your selected newborn photographer.  The first few couple of weeks are the best time to conduct your session, as babies during this very early stage quite often sleep throughout their shoot, and are therefore more easily posed than after this time when they become more conscious and hard to pose.

You should book your newborn portrait photo shoot as far in advance as you can, possibly even during the early stages of your third trimester.  Photographers can take bookings months in advance so you will want to book in early to avoid disappointment.  With such a limited window of opportunity it is best to make your booking and enquiries well ahead of time to ensure the process is as smooth and easy as possible.

Some parents choose to have their newborns photographed naked for a timeless and classic look.  If however you would prefer your baby to be clothed, it is essential that the clothes you bring are well fitting.  Baggy clothing will simply dwarf your baby and result in unflattering portraits.  Being prepared with a couple of changes of outfit for your child is a great idea.  This allows for a variety of different looks within your portraits as well as accounting for any accidents!

Other things to consider bringing to your session include pacifiers and some nappies and cleaning wipes.  You may also wish to bring along a spare change of clothes for yourself as well!  Any additional accessories, such as blankets, outfits for your baby or other sentimental items should also be considered.

If you have particular posing ideas and looks that you have seen and would like to emulate, be sure to mention these to your photographer either during or preferably prior to your session. 

Professional newborn portraits are a fabulous idea, both for yourself and even as a gift idea.  A little preparation in advance will go a long way to ensuring that you can enjoy your experience and your portraits for many years to come.