Check Driver Position With SharpDrive Driver Training

Wednesday 12 April 2017, 2:49PM
By Beckie Wright

SharpDrive are the Online Fleet Driver Training specialists, and the following is the gist of one of their training modules, Driver Position. The way to sit in a vehicle has a direct impact on every driving action and response. SharpDrive recommend getting into the habit of checking your driver positon every time you get into your vehicle. This includes checking your mirror focus and that your windows are clear. This will help you switch into driver mode.


If you just leap into the car and dash off, your mind will still be back at the last meeting or task, or even at the next meeting already. It is imperative that you re-focus on the driving task. On the way to work, focus on the way, not the work. A poor driver position can cause inability to control the vehicle in emergencies, inattention and fatigue and a much greater risk of injury in a crash.


Set your seat to a comfortable position to suit your height. You must be able to depress the brake pedal right down without stretching forward or straightening your leg. Obviously, you won’t be able to effect an emergency stop if you can’t push the brake pedal all the way down. Also, adjust steering wheel height. The head rest should be at least as high as the back of your head; this protects neck injhury in a crash. Also check side mirrors are adjusted correctly.


As the SharpDrive team say, by estabishing a routine every time you get into your vehicle, you will focus your mind on safe driver mode and ensure safer driving habits.


SharpDrive is an engaging online driver training system that will help improve your people’s knowledge of and attitude to driving. The short, interactive programme is a proactive way you can help keep your business and your drivers safe.


With a vehicle deemed as a 'workplace' under workplace health & safety legislation, organisations with drivers find themselves exposed to risk if they have not suitably discharged their 'duty of care'. The best path to mitigate that risk, is by implementing and enacting on your organisations 'safe driving policy' by going to SharpDrive at .