Kelray's range of outdoor heaters installed at Rotorua venue Kelray's range of outdoor heaters installed at Rotorua venue CREDIT: Adam Jay

Kelray Heating introduce energy efficient outdoor heating products

Thursday 20 April 2017, 12:57PM
By Adam Jay

Kelray Heating, Auckland’s leading outdoor heating specialists, have introduced a new line of outdoor heaters that are fully New Zealand made and manufactured. They felt the need to design a new product, as they noticed most of the current options for outdoor heating were of poor quality and weren’t suitable for New Zealand’s weather conditions.

Company directors Kelvin Davis and Ray Maddix have had experience in the automotive and industrial infrared radiant heating market in New Zealand since the early 1990’s.

Recently, there has been an increase in demand for efficient, high quality electric infrared radiant heaters particularly in alfresco/ outdoor dining and outdoor smoking areas. To meet this demand, Kelray Heating has introduced a new and improved line of infrared radiant outdoor heaters and has begun exporting them to Australia, the Pacific, and Europe. Kelray Heating also manufactures heaters under private labels for other heater distributors, both locally, in Australia, and in Europe.

“Our latest outdoor patio heaters are designed especially to suit New Zealand and Australian weather conditions, and also take into consideration the salt-laden air. The new design features a range of enhancements including a stronger, more robust element, stainless steel screws, better element fixing, stronger points for pivoting heaters, bolts and fixtures to eliminate rust, and better insulation. Here at Kelray we are confident that this new product line is of a very high quality, and all of our products are made and manufactured in New Zealand,” say directors Kelvin and Ray.

The use of infrared heat means a safer, cleaner, more comfortable, more energy efficient, and healthier way to heat your outdoor areas, and the new range of outdoor heaters are up to four times more cost effective than the typical LPG gas patio heater.