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10 Ways to Use Your Schedule and Improve Your Routine
Friday 21 April 2017, 11:29AM
By Master Color

Not all people know the right and most practical way to use an agenda in their daily routine. The agenda is a time management tool, but when misused, it can cause the individual to lose more time than he earns in his routine. See 10 tips to improve your practice with your schedule and be even more productive!

1) Plan your appointments beforehand

The more time a person has, the more conditions he has to plan. This way, whenever possible, use the time in your favor. The previous day, put the tasks you already have in your calendar and check other appointments you wrote down. This will make your routine much easier.

2) Deliver your commitments three times a day

It is suggested that you review your appointments early in the work day or at the beginning of your day and check back again throughout the day - many people prefer to check after lunch or mid-day work. At the end of the day, check again to not leave any task behind.

3) Use different colors

One tip is to use different colors for different types of tasks - for example, blue for personal tasks, green for professionals, purple for fixed appointments, etc. This helps you memorize and prioritize. You can still use colors for completed tasks, to delegate and prioritize, for example.

4) Create categories

As well as creating tasks by color, you can create by categories. To do this, simply include a symbol or identify it with a term at the beginning of the demand, such as HOUSE or CHILDREN.

5) Always note the status of the task

Always place the task status highlighted so it does not get confused: complete, OK, see after, delegate, deleted, etc. This way you can prioritize what really matters and what needs to be done.

6) Make relevant notes whenever possible

Do not rely on your memory: make noteworthy notes about the tasks or about any subject you want to remember throughout the day - whether in a corner of your calendar or with a post-it attachment.

7) Do not leave to tomorrow what you can do today

Make it a habit to not leave to the next day what you can accomplish even today. Tomorrow you will have other tasks and you may become overwhelmed. Just postpone tasks if necessary. Avoid procrastinating!

8) Be realistic with your routine

It's no use creating thousands of tasks for the day if you can only handle one or two. Put your best in what you can do and be realistic. As for the other commitments, reorganize!

9) Delegate tasks

Do not centralize tasks that you can delegate and optimize the schedule. Delegate responsibilities to your employees and helpers, other employees involved in the lawsuit, your husband or children, and who else you can help. But whatever is your responsibility, do it!

10) Choose an assertive agenda

Choosing the right agenda makes all the difference in a person's productivity. If you want to use a personalized agenda and if you want to distribute it to all your team and partners, make a free budget with MasterColor. From idealization of the project to delivery, we carry out all phases of the product and the customer accompanies everything in stages. We can develop your ideal agenda in a short time and with the best cost-benefit. Check it! INDEX