Sky looks to deliver a knockout blow but hit thin air in their latest attempt to take down My Box NZ

Friday 12 May 2017, 2:08PM
By Media PA

In what can only be described as a desperate move on behalf of television giant Sky Television, the Facebook page of My Box NZ has been taken down by Facebook in response to a request from Sky themselves.

It was found that on Saturday May 6 the My Box NZ website had been removed from Facebook, much to the dismay of owner Krish Reddy, who initially thought it may have been an internal error. However, upon contacting Facebook asking for the page to be bought back, he found it was Sky Television who requested Facebook take the page down.

“I would describe Sky as the kid in the playground who takes everyone else’s lunch money. One day, a kid like My Box NZ stands up to Sky and gives them a jab, and suddenly Sky are running to the teacher. It is a low move but not one we will tolerate,” says Krish.

The action of Sky is the latest activity in the war between the companies. First, Sky Televisions’ law firm were in touch with My Box NZ asking that the company be shut down due to what they deemed illegal activity from the company. After this information was made public through a previous NZ Herald article, Sky have taken this further action to take down My Box NZ.

Mr Reddy will not go down without a fight. Facebook themselves have stated their desire to stay out of any third-party disputes, meaning the original My Box NZ Facebook page will be down for the foreseeable future. Mr Reddy has already created a new page for the business and has broadcasted the reasoning behind the first one being taken away.

“I have nothing to hide. It is funny that Sky are saying our actions are illegal but they are the ones doing underhanded low blows to my business. I think they believed that I would simply go away. Here is my direct message to Sky: I am not going to just go away – I am taking you on.”

The first Herald article which showcased the dispute between Sky Televisions’ law team and My Box NZ was received very well on behalf of My Box NZ on the NZ Herald Facebook page. Over 600 messages of support were posted on the thread, with Krish taking the time to personally thank each of these people through the My Box NZ Facebook page.

“It is clear people are on our side and maybe this is what annoys Sky the most. They have obviously heard of everyone’s frustration with their product but have never had a need to change anything because nobody else was around. Now they must take action if they are interested in staying where they are.”

There is some truth to Mr Reddy’s words. Sky subscribers have started acting to go against the provider, including Spark CEO Simon Moutter cancelling his subscription. It can also be reported that shareholders within the company have started pulling their shares away as the company faces difficult times.



“Everyone knows that Sky are backwards in their thinking. Streaming is the new way to go and My Box NZ can provide that to anyone across the country. Forget paying a monthly subscription for a second-rate service – pay a one-off cost for something that means you can watch whatever you like and is affordable.

A tail of the tape: Sky vs My Box NZ:

April 21: Sky lawyers Buddle Finlay write a letter to My Box NZ outlining discrepancies with the company and requesting they shut down.
April 27: NZ Herald publish an article on proceedings, whereby Krish Reddy outlines that he sees Sky as nothing more than “playground bullies”
May 6: Sky Television request that Facebook take down the My Box NZ Facebook page, and the page is unpublished from the server.
May 7: Mr Reddy recreates the page and publicises the actions of Sky Television, describing the actions as “low and desperate.”

Exactly what Sky Television’s reaction will be to My Box NZ’s latest activity remains to be seen. The industry giant must act and the ball is in their court – but Sky cannot afford to volley back another dud like they have this time.