Choosing the Right Fugitive Dust Suppressant Products

Friday 12 May 2017, 8:18PM
By Biox International


In each industry, there are regulations and standards that need to be met. On top of the need to be compliant with the regulation for fugitive dust control, there are many other reasons why it is necessary for industrial businesses to focus on the different fugitives. Companies have a moral obligation to the community around them in regard to their health on top of the negative effects of the work production level that affects the employee’s health. This can also reduce the work productivity and can also cost the company money in regard to production and meeting deadlines as a result of the employee’s absenteeism.

The fugitive dust will cause havoc on your equipment. It will cause the equipment to break down and this will mean that you will have to incur the additional cost of repair. This can also make the key equipment to be out of work leading to delay in the completion of the project.
When making a choice of the fugitive dust control products, there are various considerations. One of the most important ones is the effectiveness. In case the results are to be short-term, the solution will only prove to be temporary.  If you opt for a system that is quite complex, this will need labor for the purpose of implementation and this will result in increased expenses.

In case it is difficult to access the product because the suppliers of the dust suppression products aren’t able to meet its demand, this will mean that the solution will no longer be reliable. It is also important to select a solution that will be safe for the environment. It is worth noting that fugitive dust will heavily impact the environment but it doesn’t help at all if you will be replacing one solution with another.

When searching for a fugitive dust suppressant product, it is important to ensure that the company that offers the product is able to meet certain criteria. The company should be able to back up the product with good research as well as how capable it is. It is also important for the company to be aware of the industry needs when searching for a dust suppression product such as the fog cannon. The item should also be cost effective and should be able to meet the demand for the product amount needed regularly. It is also important for the supplier of the product to have experienced personnel who will be able to answer detailed and technical questions and help the industry to address the challenge that they meet.

Choose a supplier who has carried extensive research on the needs of the key industries. The company should offer soil stabilization and dust control instead of spreading the resources too thinly in the other industrial needs.