Winter Series participants excited for what lies ahead Winter Series participants excited for what lies ahead CREDIT: Ezra Newick

Excitment builds as NDuro Winter Series adds new challenge

Tuesday 16 May 2017, 3:08PM
By Black Dirt Media

Entering it’s 17th season, New Zealand’s most popular XC Mountainbike series  shows no signs of slowing down.

Quite the contrary in fact, as the introduction of the new Croucher Lowrider Super Stages add’s another exciting twist to the popular race format. Having trialled “Enduro” segments for the last two seasons, Nduro decided to change things up for 2017 and introduced a new “race within a race.”

While the popular one loop XC format that has kept competitors flocking back year after year; the Super Stages give all riders, in all categories, an extra chance to compete for glory (and a little prize money bonus) regardless of where they finish overall

“The Enduro segments really were a popular addition, adding extra excitement and intrigue. But they did present some additional challenges in the way races played out, so we were keen to change things up” says Event Director Tim Farmer. “So we came up with the Super Stage idea. No two stages will be alike, and we aim to challenge all aspects of riding.”

The stages will remain a secret until the startline race briefings. As riders progress through their race, individual  timing gates on course will identify the super stage start and the finish points. No need to stop, just dig in that little bit deeper for those up for the challenge.

At it’s heart, the Cyclezone Winter Series is MTB XC racing at its most natural. One big loop. Taking in the best trails, in unique combinations, to challenge and reward everyone no matter their ability or level of competitive intent.

Short, Mid, and Long Course events are offered at each race. Combine that with seemless organisation, great atmosphere, fantastic locations, and a huge “family” of like-minded MTB riders to hang out with. It is no wonder that in excess of 600 competitorss continue to turn out for every event.

 This years series kicks off on July 2nd. Followed by subsequent races on August 6th, and September 10th.

 And with the opportunity to win a free accomodation package for all 3 events (courtesy of the Holiday Inn) for all that enter before June 16th, it pays to get in early.

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