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Argus Tracking Provide Smart Solutions to Fleet Management
Thursday 18 May 2017, 1:09PM
By Beckie Wright

After extensive research locally and abroad in the tracking and fleet management industry, Argus Tracking decided New Zealand needed a more advanced system than those already on the market, so they recruited a team of young and forward-thinking software developers to build New Zealand’s most effective GPS tracking and fleet management solution.

Now Argus Tracking can offer three dynamic solutions, ranging from a basic fleet tracking system to a comprehensive fleet management solution, with the most basic being the Argus VISI Track. This is the ultimate cloud based GPS fleet tracking system for smaller fleets. This plan features incredible easy to use essential alerts, tracking and user apps. 

The MIDI Track features advanced alerts, tracking and integration, perfect for medium sized fleets, streamlining your operation and collecting all your reports in one place. The MIDI Track features a high performance, easy set up mode, with robust SaaS Cloud platform accessible from any web based device, with lifetime warrantied, high quality hardware, including G-Sensor installed ready to calibrate, with additional options for SMDT, Navigation, RFID, Iridium and Panic Button and easy, intuitive Asset Logging.

Thirdly, OMNI Track is the answer to efficient fleet management, being a comprehensive, flexible and scalable plan designed to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and ensure compliance. You can achieve optimal productivity with Argus Tracking’s premium fleet management solution. It is a flexible, scalable, and configurable tool designed for the large fleet operator to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and ensure adherence to compliance requirements.

With OMNI Track you can make sure your fleet operates intelligently - eliminating time consuming and costly manual tasks. You can also allow your company-specific information to be associated with a fleet, user, vehicle, or geo-fence to customise OMNI Track to meet your unique business needs. Meeting compliance requirements is essential for enterprise fleets and you can protect your company with Argus Tracking’s Fatigue and Engine Management features available within OMNI Track, and adhere to OHS and Environmental legislative requirements.

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