Monumental Headstones & Plaques Custom Make Their Headstones

Monday 22 May 2017, 6:51PM
By Beckie Wright

At Monumental Headstones & Plaques custom headstones are their specialty, so if you are looking for something special, they can show you the many examples of their ‘out of the ordinary’ headstones they have produced for their clients over the years. To expedite a custom made headstone, Monumental Headstones & Plaques have a variety of materials from which they can manufacture a special headstone for you and your loved one.


They use Granite in most of their headstones, and also for their range of stone plaques. Granite is a hard stone, so lasts very well, and holds a good polish.

Granite is a natural product, so there can be some slight colour variation, especially in colours other than black. Monumental Headstones & Plaques hold a good stock of colours at their factory, so if you are after a particular shade, you can choose the actual stone to be used. The colour variation is generally not significant as they source their stone only from the best and most reputable suppliers.


Headstones (also known as Gravestones or Tombstones) are most commonly made from Granite, though they also use Marble (especially if you desire a white stone), and other stones such as Hinuera stone.


Less commonly used now than Granite, Marble is the stone that was traditionally used in older cemeteries. Monumental Headstones & Plaques still use it, particularly where their customer wants a white stone, and it gives good results.

An ideal stone for those special memorials, where a more traditional feel is desired.


They frequently work with other stones, particularly customer-supplied stones, and these can either be engraved with the inscription of your choice, or fitted with Bronze or Granite plaques. They make their metal memorial plaques from long-lasting Bronze. Finished with a protective coating of clear lacquer, your Bronze Plaque will hold its shine and remain looking good for many years. They produce Bronze plaques for any purpose, for example location plaques, name plates...even custom-made letterbox fronts!


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