Bays Collision Repairs Have Many Satisfied Customers

Monday 29 May 2017, 3:28PM
By Beckie Wright

In today’s very competitive market, when businesses can spend so much time and money on advertising and marketing, it can be quite useful to look at the testimonials page on a company website and read the recommendations of their very happy customers, usually an accurate pointer to the success, or otherwise of a business, and Bay Collision Repairs’ testimonials page is no exception. Testimonials such as these can be an extremely valuable marketing tool and a great advertisement for a product of service, as the following letters can testify.


“Grant, the owner of Bays Car Painters Collision Repairs, is a professional in every aspect. I wouldn’t think of going to any other car repair business. I have entrusted him with several repairs over the years and will continue to do so, if needed. I highly recommend his business. Rosie.”


“I have unfortunately had to acquire the services of a panel beater many times over the past decade and Grant and his team have always provided professional friendly helpful service and my car comes home spotless, inside and out. Highly recommended and trustworthy. Hugh.”


“Grant always does an excellent job and won’t take shortcuts. His staff are great and been with him a long time – highly recommended. Hugh.”


There are quite a number of tasks that are carried out during the auto repair process, and there may be different levels of damage for the vehicles that are brought in, therefore varied servicing is performed based on the damage present. Replacement of affected parts is one of the most basic services carried out where new spare parts are used. This is done if the affected parts are affected beyond repair. Bays Collision Repairs have access to BMW specifications and other literature relevant to their expertise, within the BMW range, as well as other manufacturer’s specifications, so for more information on Bays Collision Repairs and their panelbeating services, please visit the website at .