Seminar series on how to raise financially savvy kids

Tuesday 30 May 2017, 12:10PM
By Bloom PR

A seminar series to help parents raise money-wise kids is set to kick off in June. 

Hannah McQueen is holding nine seminars around the country which will arm parents with practical advice and tips on how to create financially independent children.

The seminars, ‘Creating financially independent kids’, will draw on research and findings from Hannah’s latest book, Pocket Money to Property: How To Create Financially Independent Kids.

In each seminar she will explain why this generation needs to be more financially astute in order to be financially independent in adulthood.  She will also address the unique financial challenges kids face and the practical steps parents can take to teach kids how to be smarter with money.  

“When it comes to teaching the next generation about money it is vital to get it right,” annah H says Hannah. “It doesn’t matter what your financial status is or how old your children are, it is time to rethink how we teach children about money.”

Hannah says her seminars and book will get parents to take a look at their own attitudes around money, which is necessary to help the next generation succeed financially.  

To purchase seminar tickets, visit: Tickets are $30 per person. (20 percent of net ticket sales to be donated to your nominated school).  

Seminar dates

Dunedin: Monday 19th June
Christchurch: Tuesday 20th June
Wellington: Wednesday 21st June
Hawke’s Bay: Thursday 22nd June
Whangarei: Friday 23rd June
Tauranga: Monday 26th June
Auckland City: Tuesday 27th June
Auckland North Shore: Wednesday 28th June
Hamilton: Thursday 29th June

About Hannah McQueen

Hannah is a chartered accountant and founder and director of enableMe, a successful financial advisory firm with offices throughout New Zealand. She is one of the country’s leading experts on personal finance and is often interviewed about financial matters.