Crewcut Can Help Prepare Your Garden For Winter

Tuesday 30 May 2017, 12:58PM
By Beckie Wright

It is essential that you prepare your garden for winter, not only to ensure that it looks good, but also preparation for winter means that the work you will be required to carry out to ensure a successful spring will be reduced. Pre-winter preparations will ensure that you will have to do less rescue work for example with less hardy plants, after having ensured they survive the winter months unscathed. The crew at Crewcut can work with you for timing and the requirements for changing seasons. Some lawns may need spraying or fertilising, maybe replanting, but they can discuss this with you as required. They also look forward to working with you and growing a fresh, healthy, well maintained lawn.

Warm-season crops such as tomatoes should be harvested, even though they are still green and any remaining crops or spent annuals should be pulled out. You should also clean up remaining debris and weeds to decrease the possibility of disease problems in the spring.

You can also prepare the soil for early spring seeding, turning over the garden soil late in the season while amending with organic matter such as leaves, compost or well-rotted manure, so that in the spring just a light raking is all that is needed. Time spent now in pruning, tidying and protecting your plants and trees will definitely pay dividends in the spring.

Fruit trees in particular need pruning in the autumn/winter period, to let in the light, but it is knowing when and where to trim that is important, and this is where the Crewcut team can help, with many years experience in this area. Hedges also change with the seasons, and Crewcut have over 25 years of experience in cutting grass, tending unruly gardens, trimming hedges and removing green waste. They have built a reputation on quality and trust, and have the total solution for all your lawn and gardening needs, from a one off tidy up, to a regular programme of maintenance.

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