TigerTurf Promotes the TenCate Sine Shock Pad

Wednesday 31 May 2017, 2:50PM
By Beckie Wright

The TenCate Sine shock pad is both a shock pad and drainage pad, and is proving to be ideal in schools for multi-sports surfaces, under football ovals and landscaped areas.  It provides added safety, as well as providing a unique and superior drainage system which allows sports fields and grass areas to dry out more quickly and to be useable again after rain.


TigerTurf all-weather, durable multi-sport and landscape surfaces are designed to reduce the danger of school playground falls and tumbles, so to further improve the shock absorbency and safety of their surfaces they have developed the TenCate Sine shock pad.


TenCate Sine is TigerTurf’s most technical shock pad yet, bringing some impressive qualities to TigerTurf’s recreational and sports surfaces. Synthetic turf for multi-sports surfaces is traditionally laid over asphalt, concrete or a crushed rock base.  The TenCate Sine shock pad, when laid between the base and the synthetic turf, provides a shock-absorbing layer that makes your sports grounds and landscape grassed areas safer than ever by cushioning the impact of playground activities.


The superior drainage qualities of Sine allow your surface to dry rapidly, even after torrential rain. Sine has been designed with an intricate cellular structure, rendering particularly useful drainage qualities that benefit base construction and the playing qualities of the surface.


The internal design of the Sine pad drains downwards and laterally to storm water systems that carry the water away, and it also helps keep multi-sports courts in top condition. The complex internal structure of the Sine pad is designed to absorb impact and dissipate the energy over a wide area. This also reduces the effect of constant wear on the playing surface and sports grounds, extending the playing life of your valuable assets.


When it is time to replace your playing surface, the new surface can be laid over the existing Sine pad, which will continue to give good service throughout the lifetime of that surface too. This is a considerable saving on the cost of installing a new playing surface, especially when you consider that the pad will extend the lifetime of the subsequent surface too, so to find out more, please visit the website at .