Environmental Considerations Taken By Dils Funerals

Wednesday 21 June 2017, 3:13PM
By Beckie Wright

Dils are always looking for ways to reduce the use of energy and resources within their premises, which makes good sense for them, as well as for the environment, as they know that even small changes can make a valuable contribution to the health of our planet.


For a start, they use low energy light bulbs throughout their buildings, and their vehicle fleet has been carefully selected with small and fuel efficient Suzuki Swifts being used as their ‘run around’ vehicles. Dils’ hearses are modern Holdens, and all vehicles are regularly serviced and well maintained to maximise their efficiency.


Obviously, they avoid wastage whenever they can, and within their administration department they re-use materials where this is possible and appropriate. Green waste from their extensive parkland gardens is either composted or chipped and used as mulch around trees.


Dils currently receive cremation ashes from the crematorium in plain plastic containers. Some people prefer to transfer the ashes into a more attractive or sustainably produced or biodegradable container or urn. They are happy to do this for you and have a wide range of urns in different materials from which you can make your selection. If the cremation ashes are transferred into another vessel, they return the empty plastic urn to the manufacturer who shreds them and processes them into new ones.


Continuing with the environmental theme, Dils offer a webcasting service from their North Harbour Chapel. This enables invited people to watch a service online, either live or at a later date. Not only does this allow those unable to be present to see the service, it also reduces the financial and environmental impact of domestic or overseas travel.


Dils is also a partner in the Return to Sender tree planting programme. Return to Sender is a casket manufacturing company based in Auckland and, as well as making natural caskets, they contribute to offsetting the environmental impacts of their caskets through planting a native tree for every casket used. They offer a wide range of the Return to Sender caskets and participates in the planting of the associated trees, so to find out more about Dils Eco funerals please visit the website at .