Just Water Will Pay $5 a Kilo For Weight Lost

Wednesday 28 June 2017, 6:05PM
By Beckie Wright

Just Water have a wonderful new programme running called the Wellness Programme, where people are encouraged to lose weight and Just Water will pay them $5 per kilo for weight lost. They will receive free filtered water, plus the use of a water cooler from $7.50 per month. Just Water are putting people on the right path by removing sugar loaded drinks from families and kids’ diets, reducing the risk of diabetes and obesity.

The weight loss and diet industry make millions of dollars annually worldwide, from pills to expensive equipment to fad diets. It can seem frustrating to find a solution that is inexpensive and an  boost your metabolism as well but really, you need look no further than your humble water cooler. Thank goodness for Just Water with their range of home water filters and water coolers. With their fresh, cool artesian water, you are putting your body on the right track to becoming healthy and ready to take on anything.

The benefits of drinking water are countless. With every glass of water you drink, your body is metabolising extra fat, receiving aid in the digestion of food, obtaining important lubrication and cushioning of the internal organs, and flushing toxins out of your system. Water is the only calorie-free, 100% natural health supplement that can easily be described as an amazing fat burning device. Simply by exchanging your coffee and teas with water, you will notice you will feel more energised and even see an increase in your body's resting metabolic rate, saving you the money you would have spent on expensive diet foods and weight loss pills that may or may not work.

By drinking fresh clean water every day, you will not only look great, but feel great as well, and Just Water have a premium product that will help with your weight loss and general wellbeing - the Just Water Cask is the answer.

Stored in your fridge, or on the bench, the Just Water Cask dispenses beautiful artesian water from its tap. The water has a hardness rating of just 13, and is in the category of a super-soft water, plus it has one of the highest content of silica in New Zealand. Silica has shown to have significant health benefits, and has been scientifically proven to slow the aging process. Silica stimulates cell metabolism and cell formation and improves the structure and function of connective tissue and collagen.

For more information on Just Water and their fresh water products, please go to http://www.justwater.co.nz .