Tree Removal Service – Is Time to Let Your Diseased, Ageing Tree Go?

Thursday 29 June 2017, 5:06PM
By Treescape


Trees, especially those that have been in your backyard for years, are a comforting sight to behold. They are more than nature’s masterpieces: they are enduring and unconditional loving – they’re family.

When your beloved tree, however, starts posing safety risks to your family, to passersby and your property, sometimes your only option is to leave its fate in the hands of a professional arborist. Not all risks, however, is easy to spot. Some trees may look perfectly healthy on the outside, but they can be insect-infested and very sick inside.

A professionally trained arborist can help gauge the overall health of your tree. They know the factors that affect a tree’s potential such as its root system and soil conditions, before deciding on the next course of action.

Treescape is a preferred provider of tree management services. Their team of veteran arborists carries all the equipment and techniques that let them safely remove trees both big and small, over power lines, property, and even other trees.

Before you call professionals, however, it pays to check your tree for signs of damage. Here are tell-tale signs that can help you determine if tree removal is your only option:

  • There are decay-producing fungi growing at the base of its trunk.
  • There are dead, hanging branches at its upper crown.
  • The bark is chipped and peeling, and there are cracks and cavities in the trunk.
  • The soil at the base of the truck is heaving.
  • There are fine twigs near the ends of its branches, but no living twigs.

When your tree exhibits only one of two of these signs, it still pays to check with a professional arborist. A reliable professional will be able to fully examine whether a tree removal service is your best option or if the tree needs pest and disease treatments.

Count on the professionals from Treescape to help you analyse the health of your beloved tree. Apart from tree removal, they also offer cost-effective maintenance of other vegetation, and their services range from transplanting and tree pruning to consultancy and restoration projects. Call 0800 TREEWORK or visit their website at today for help in making your green spaces flourish.