5 Reasons Why Parents Are Talking About Uncle Andy Child Safety Locks

Saturday 1 July 2017, 5:09PM
By Uncle Andy

Uncle Andy's range of innovative hidden magnetic safety locks have been a big problem solver for parents and grandparents nationwide. 

Whilst keeping their children and grandchildren safe from harm is of upmost importance, a lot of home safety products were flimsy, annoying to use or downright ugly and Uncle Andy decided he had to do something about it.

If you haven't heard already, here are just five of the reasons why parents and grandparents are loving Uncle Andy's magnetic locks for drawers and cabinets:

1. No drills or screws are required for installation
Using a strong adhesive backing, these locks will stand up to a good amount of force without leaving any screw holes or marks on your drawers or cupboards once they are no longer needed. Installation is simple without the need for any drills or handtools.

2. They don't affect the appearance of your home
The locks are positioned withing the drawer or cupboard hidden from sight and are activated via magnetic field using a magnet key. This means you can't see any signs of safety gear from the outside so you can have a clean looking home again without the ugly safety products!

3. They can be activated and deactivated as necessary
Using a switch on the back of the lock, you can turn them on and off so that the drawer or cupboard can be used as per usual when not required. This is perfect for parents with children a few years apart, for expectant families who are safety proofing before childbirth but won't need the locks till their child can crawl, and also for grandparents whose grandkids visit infrequently. 

4. You can adjust the magnetic strength for different panel thicknesses
One of the lock options has the flexibility to adapt to different wall thicknesses of drawer or cabinet panels. For designs with thicker walls, the lock can be tweaked to increase its sensitivity so that it can be actuated from a greater distance.

5. You can stow the magnetic key in convenient locations nearby
Each box of locks comes with two Uncle Andy magnetic keys which can be stored in close proximity to where the locks are positioned. You can either place the key in a magnetic dock which can be adhesively placed on a wall, or you can place the lock on any metal surface which responds to magnetism such as most fridges or stove range hoods.

You can get yourself a box of 6 locks starting at $35 through online shopping. Watch a video on how they work here.

With fast shipping NZ wide and an excellent suite of video install guides and responsive support, trying out Uncle Andy safety locks in your home is a no brainer for anyone with little ones in the home!