Shape Landscaping Have Useful Tips For Installing a Lawn

Thursday 6 July 2017, 7:51PM
By Beckie Wright

When thinking about installing lawn on an area of your property, you have several options. If you’re looking for low-cost, Shape Landscaping recommend using a grass seed and spreading it yourself. Depending on the location of the lawn and your requirements for the area, you need to select a grass seed that meets your needs. You may want a hardwearing lawn such as a blend of fescue and rye grass variety if your children are going to play on it. If you’re looking for a lush green lawn, a variety such as tall fescue is a good option. If you have a particularly shady area where lack of light is a problem, you may find it better to install an artificial lawn.  


Shape Landscaping have installed a variety of artificial lawns that require very minimal maintenance and look as if they could be real. Artificial lawn comes in a variety of colours and lengths to suit your preference. Artificial lawn provides a free-draining surface that can be used all year round and will just occasionally require sweeping to remove any fallen leaves or particle material.


Woolgro grass seed mat is an option that Shape Landscaping recommend and often provide for their clients. It’s an eco-friendly, New Zealand made lawn-growing product that gives you healthy green grass coverage for your outdoor spaces. Whether you want to install it yourself, or get one of Woolgro’s experienced installers to do it for you, Woolgro lawn mat combines the best lawn seed available with a superior growing surface made from nutrient rich dag wool and jute fibres. 


Shape Landscaping take a lot of pride in the landscape installation process for each and every lawn. From the site works, to each little detail of the construction and through to the planting they put heaps of effort and attention into every aspect of the work, so that you can be guaranteed the resulting lawn will look stunning.


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