Buy Your Organically Grown Kiwifruit Plants & Trees At Te Puke Nurseries

Wednesday 19 July 2017, 7:59PM
By Beckie Wright

Te Puke Nurseries have been providing high quality, organically grown Kiwifruit plants, shelter, fruit and nut trees to discerning customers in the Bay of Plenty and greater New Zealand for almost 50 years, and they are known for their organically grown plants. Organic plants are known to be chemical free and organic growing delivers vigorous, disease resistant plants, giving them the best start possible when you plant them, looking after the planet for future generations.

All their rootstock and grafted Kiwifruit are organically grown in the field, which ensures the best success rate when they reach your place. They are subject to seasonal availability, so you need to check with them before you visit the site. They also request that when visiting please ensure your clothes and vehicle are free of plant material, and please note Kiwifruit growing and planting are under KVH jurisdiction.

Te Puke Nurseries is under ‘Certification’ so your Kpin number and signature are required to uplift plants. When transported, your plants will need to be fully enclosed by covers. Small or young plants are proving vulnerable to PSA after orchard planting, so in order to maximise orchard success, they are concentrating on older, larger plants. However, they are subsequently more expensive to produce. You can rest assured that these larger plants should produce a full canopy a season or two earlier, giving the grower better quicker returns, so to find out more about Te Puke Nurseries, and their Kiwifruit tree planting, please visit the website at .