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Agent Finder Offer The Most Proven Advice For Selling Your Home
Wednesday 9 August 2017, 7:27PM
By Beckie Wright

Agent Finder is the only place in New Zealand where home sellers can access all real estate information in one hub, from vetted real estate agents to signing a Sale and Purchase Agreement and everything in between.

Independent of all real estate brands and having spent a decade advocating for sellers, this unique service has certainly proven to be one of a kind.

Real estate agents are primarily the information gatekeepers which makes consumers, often under pressure for time, more heavily reliant on their agent and with this comes an element of risk.

Agent Finder has researched, created and centralised the most reputable real estate information to help home sellers make properly informed decisions about selling their homes, upfront, when they most need it.

This hub of information, combined with vetting real estate agents, has a direct impact on sale prices and most often halves the days on market which client feedback endorses.

Agent Finder provides a wealth of reputable resources about choosing real estate agents, free appraisals, valuations, commission and fees, legal advice, contracts and other matters which can all impact on the outcome of selling your home.

When time is of the essence, combining this with vetting agents puts sellers at a greater advantage over competing properties for sale.

Agent Finder has assisted many home sellers to do their due diligence, quickly and expertly, by providing a menu of solutions, tailored to a property and the seller’s knowledge or experience. 

Depending on your property type, value, condition or location or whether you are an investor or it's your home, they tailor and package to whatever information will best guide you with your decisions.

A few examples include how to sell your home quickly and minimize fees, how to attract international buyers, and questions you should ask real estate agents. They also advise on how to help influence multiple offers and the highest sale price, how you can directly influence a buyer’s interest in your home and what areas you should spend money on to generate the top sale price.

The more you know about these, commission, marketing and much more, the less that can go wrong. Agent Finder can help you to have a better real estate experience than you would normally expect.

Next month Agent Finder will talk about how to put your house in the spotlight this spring. For more information on real estate agents and agent finder, please visit the website at .