Colostrum Tank Providers NZ – Beat the Challenge of Storing Colostrum this Harvesting Season

Thursday 10 August 2017, 5:44PM
By Devan Plastics


New Zealand welcomes young animals again as lambing and calving have started once more. The presence of the sprightly little beings means colostrum production is booming again, both for animal husbandry and for human dietary supplement.

Colostrum is a concentrated natural source of antibodies and nutrients. It is produced by lactating mothers and drank by their offspring to get nourishment and protection from diseases. Colostrum is crucial for livestock and many mammals since they can only provide immunity to their offspring by feeding them colostrum-enriched milk.

Humans consume bovine colostrum because it is considered medicinal, is high in protein, and low in fat. Some athletes take them to decrease recovery time from injury or to improve their performance. There are also studies that say that colostrum can reduce the effects of gastrointestinal infection.

Harvesting colostrum, whether for human or animal consumption, poses the challenge of storing it. Colostrum is sensitive to temperature changes and only lasts naturally for 24 hours. It loses some of its nourishing and immunity boosting properties when frozen. Its container cannot be exposed to sunlight for an extended period and has to be placed in an area whose temperature is less than 20° C. If stored in a warmer area, the colostrum will become sour and will be refused by calves.

A colostrum storage solution is available from Devan Plastics. The New Zealand water tank name brand now provides colostrum tanks for NZ’s agriculture sector. The tanks are translucent as they are designed specifically for the dairy industry. Tanks with volume markings are available to allow easy monitoring of the remaining amount of colostrum.

Devan Plastics carries sizes that can hold 600L up to 10,000L. All tanks are made with the highest quality of polyethylene and are UV-stabilised to protect it from the harsh UV rays of the sun.

Visit Devan Plastic’s website at to view its full range of products including industrial tanks, fire tanks, and septic tanks. You can also contact them toll-free on 0800 027 222. Get a Devan Plastic tank for colostrum storage that you can trust.