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Auckland Wide Removals Have Got You Covered With Great Moving Boxes
Friday 11 August 2017, 7:13PM
By Beckie Wright

People tend to forget the most important part when moving house, and that is, having a good set of boxes, so the question to be answered is how do you get good moving boxes?

At Auckland Wide Removals they are determined to provide their clients with the most affordable moving solutions, so you can easily get a quote for buying some moving materials and boxes from them. The other way to obtain these specially constructed moving boxes is to go straight to their website to book a free ‘in home’ assessment, and you will receive three free large boxes. In other words, you order 10 boxes and pay for 7.

Auckland Wide Removals are good for plenty of advice on moving home, and top of their list is to prepare an essentials box. As they say, “Have you ever moved and found yourself in your new home without the essentials on hand? Pack a box of necessities that you’ll need while you’re getting unpacked.”

They advise that you should also pack an ‘Open First’ box with towels and liquid soap for washing up at the end of the long day, and you could add plates, cups and utensils for dinner that first night. You should also add in some matches or a lighter, and all your chargers for personal electronics such as laptop, cell phone etc  They also advise putting in some basic cleaning supplies: rags for wiping down surfaces before unpacking, a small broom and dustpan, and don’t forget to put in a sheet set for when you are ready to go to bed in your new home.

This box should be packed last so it’s the first thing you’ll get to when you unpack. With a little planning ahead, this box could save a few headaches. To find out more about Auckland Wide Removals and moving companies Auckland, furniture removals Auckland and movers and packers Auckland, please go to . INDEX