Maskell offer safer storage solutions to NZ businesses

Monday 14 August 2017, 11:55PM
By Pixi

Fiberglass manufacturing and fiberglass engineering company, Maskell have produced a beneath-ground storage solution - Envirotank.

Envirotank removes any threat of corrosion on both the interior and exterior of the tank, a problem which has previously resulted in damaging toxic chemicals filtering into the soil.

Envirotank can securely hold sewage, run-off, petrol and diesel. The underground storage tank can also include an oil/water separator to stop any contamination of storm water systems.

Intended for a range of applications, the Envirotank can safely store sewage, storm water and petroleum. Envirotanks can also be equipped with Oil/Water separators, which are designed to prevent any spilled petrol, diesel or detergents from contaminating the storm water drainage system.

“Preventing contamination of waterways is critical. Our underground storage solutions exceed any current industry regulations to ensure that zero silts or hydrocarbons (diesel, contaminate your waterways”.

Envirotanks, are available in New Zealand through Maskell’s website and include a consultation to ensure clients recieve the right product for their business needs.