Dil's Funeral Services Advise People Who Don't Want A Funeral

Thursday 17 August 2017, 7:15PM
By Beckie Wright

At Dil’s they believe that the funeral service is a critically important event following any death. It’s a time to gather together, to remember and celebrate. However, what this event actually looks like will vary greatly from person to person,and they surprisingly often meet people who say they don’t want a funeral.

Every funeral is different. Some families are more than happy to leave all the arrangements to Dil’s Funeral Services, others only want them to be there in a supportive role. The thing is, you can pick and choose. If you just want to use their chapel facilities and catering for a memorial service, want them look after the paperwork and provide a direct cremation, select a casket and have them prepare the body for a tangi, bring someone home who has died overseas, or send the deceased back to their home country, that’s no problem at all.

Some people ask for a direct cremation, which is exactly what it sounds like. The cremation takes place directly following the death, without any funeral service or other ceremony being held. In these situations Dil’s Funeral Services collect the deceased from where they have died, provide a casket, complete the required paperwork, register the death and organise the cremation.

Direct cremation is often chosen because “I don’t want any fuss” or to make things easier on those left behind. Others find modern funerals, with a high level of personalisation, too elaborate and complicated, and don’t reflect the simplicity of their life.

However, Dil’s Funeral Services’ experience tells them that having no funeral service is not always as straightforward a decision as it might seem. Before locking in the choice to have a direct cremation they would recommend that everyone affected by this decision is considered and, if possible, involved in the process, and they have a very thoughtful video on their website which very well may change people’s minds about not wanting to have a funeral.

The Dil’s team have seen many times where family left behind feel like they have missed out by not having a funeral service, even though they are respecting the wishes of the deceased by not doing so.

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