Surplus marketing budget? Invest in a custom branded Instant Marquee

Friday 18 August 2017, 6:59PM
By Shedline Instant Marquees


New Zealand, August’17 – Nothing does it better than visibility.  Shedline, the Kiwi manufacturer of portable canopies, instant marquees and tents, offers businesses the opportunity of getting the act right with high visibility in events.

The Corporate Communications Officer of Shedline said, “We have nailed it. Customers in an outdoor setting are more receptive to ideas, concepts and deals. Clearly, the mood is different in an event atmosphere, and customers spend more time looking at notices, billboards and promos”. Shedline positions its Instant Marquees as the right platform to promote products and services.  A range of instant marquees, tents with sidewalls and large portable canopies offer the perfect backdrop for a promotional blitzkrieg.

Available in shades that offer wonderful contrasts and themes to blend in with outdoor events, the instant marquees are fun concepts that are bound to attract eyeballs. Kiwis and inhabitants of nations that love their outdoors spend a lot of time enjoying the better things in life. And that feel good moment is perhaps the right time to make a subtle sales pitch through instant marquees for promos.

The Shedline range of Instant Marquees has found loyal customers in distant lands with the versatile height adjustment options of each supporting leg scoring a big hit with users. Offering instant setup in carnivals, festivals and events, the side walls offer sufficient space for prominently advertising the company’s products and services. Offering adequate space for designing catchy promos to showcase ideas, products and services, the Instant Marquees are a great platform to use.

“Regardless of the outdoor setting, day, evening or late evenings, an Instant Marquee can be a magnet to draw prospects” continued the Corporate Communications Officer, “individuals like to enter a shaded tent or a canopy in an outdoor atmosphere, and there is no better time than that to make the sales pitch”. With the right ambient light settings, an Instant Marquee can indeed grab eyeballs. So, the next time, you want standout visibility in an event to promote your product or service, choose an Instant Marquee throw in some great printing ideas and capture the imagination of hot sales prospects.

So, if you are planning to invest in custom branded Marquee, contact Shedline. They offer a wide range of marquees with super-fast delivery so be assured to receive the marquees on time they promise.  For further assistance call at 0800 144 155 or email at OR

About the company:
Shedline Instant Marquee supply finest quality Instant Marquees and Gazebos suitable for an extensive range of applications, both domestic and commercial. They offer a wide selection of models sizes and colours. Custom branded marquees are their specialty. They offer super-fast turnaround times from order to delivery. Delivery within New Zealand is freight free.  

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