From Te Puke Nurseries On Getting Your Plants Into the Ground Now

Tuesday 22 August 2017, 6:36PM
By Beckie Wright

The team at Te Puke Nurseries want to stress that it is getting high time to get the plants out of the ground there and into your orchards before the weather starts warming up, and it is imperative that you pick up your plants before late August.

They specialize in large, field-grown plants. Remember, these are supplied bare-rooted, so take covers to protect the roots when collecting.

Some lines of shelter and kiwifruit are sold out for the 2017 winter season already, but KVH certified kiwifruit rootstock that can be supplied to most North Island regions, casuarina and alder shelter are available, now.

All of Te Puke Nurseries’ rootstock and grafted Kiwifruit are organically grown in the field, which ensures the best success rate when they reach your place. They are subject to seasonal availability, so you need to check with them before you visit the site. They also request that when visiting please ensure your clothes and vehicle are free of plant material.

Please note Kiwifruit growing and planting are under KVH jurisdiction, so your KPIN number and signature are required to move some plants.

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