Good Electrical Have a Spring Clean Electrical Check List For You

Friday 25 August 2017, 2:16PM
By Beckie Wright

It may not be apparent when you look outside your windows, but spring is definitely coming, which makes this a good time of year for a spring clean, to get your home ship-shape after the winter months, and Good Electrical have put together a spring clean- electrical checklist.

As they advise, “As the temperatures rise, we can be sure a thunderstorm or two will come our way! While it can be fun to watch lightning streak across the sky, those strikes can cause spikes in our electrical system's voltage -- which can fry our electronics! To protect our most valuable appliances, ensure that our homes are fitted out with high-quality surge protectors.

“Outdoor electrical outlets should be covered at all times to protect against those frequent spring rains. People should take a walk around the outside of their home to ensure that wintry weather hasn't damaged their covers. If anything is broken, they should replace it.”

Outdoor lighting should also be on your electrical checklist this spring, and you should be sure to enlist a professional from Good Electrical, as installing garden lighting can require digging trenches, and if you don’t know what you’re doing you may accidentally strike utility lines -- leading to hefty fines.

Energy Safety http://www.energysafety.govt.nz/consumer/safe-living-with-electricity/electrical-equipment-and-appliances/cords-and-leads  reports that extension cords are responsible for hundreds of injuries every year. This is because extension cords aren't meant to be permanent solutions, since they can become frayed and overheated when used indefinitely. If extension cords are part of a home's daily electrical usage, people should be sure to replace them or better yet -- have an electrician from Good Electrical install more electrical outlets in their home.

Finally, as the Good Electrical team advise, most people aren't aware that ceiling fans spin in both directions! In warmer weather you need to adjust your ceiling fan so that it pushes air down. (This ensures that the cool air coming out of their air conditioner stays where you can feel it, which eases the burden on the air conditioner.) You can make this adjustment by stepping carefully onto a stool and locating the direction switch on the fan, then switching it so that the fan turns counter-clockwise.

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