Nearby Dental: A New Web Service That Enables to Compare Dentists and Find Affordable Dental Treatments in Dunedin and Auckland

Thursday 31 August 2017, 5:26AM

By Elia Jo


Nearby Dental
Nearby Dental Credit: Elia Jo
Nearby Dental Auckland
Nearby Dental Auckland Credit: Elia Jo


From now on, everyone looking for the best dentist in Dunedin, New Zealand can get contacts of the most affordable trusted professionals fast. Nearby Dental, a new online directory of reliable dentists gives one a chance to save money and get top-quality care. is an online directory created with the hope of helping The Kiwis get the most affordable dental care. Now its easy to find the best dentist in Dunedin Otago and Auckland. The most prominent experts from these regions are in the directory and their contacts have patient reviews attached. Therefore, one can see exactly what people think about the dentist and decide if they want to trust them.

The costs of dental care in New Zealand have been growing by 5% yearly over the last decade. Today they are so high that millions of New Zealanders simply cannot afford this type of treatment. 20% of the population claim that they don't visit a dentist at all unless an emergency comes up.

About 108 million of the country also do not have dental coverage in their insurance policy. This means that they have to pay nearly double the already exorbitant rates. For example, an average root canal with insurance amounts to about $593 out-of-pocket expenses. Without the policy, the patient will have to pay about $1,200.

In light of these figures, the service that helps find the best and cheapest Auckland and Dunedin family dentistry clinic make sense. Nearby Dentistry has risen to the challenge and it can really make a difference for thousands of people in New Zealand.

How Nearby Dentistry Finds the Best Dentist in Dunedin

To help one find the most affordable dentist Auckland or Dunedin, Nearby Dental collaborates with dental clinics. Dentists provide information about themselves to file into the directory. This data includes contact info, list of treatments, and prices. Find out more information.

Their short profiles of every clinic also include patient reviews and ratings. Therefore, everyone searching for dental offices in Dunedin and Auckland can get a good idea of the service the clinic offers. Combined with a quote, this service ensures that one gets all the most relevant information in advance.

This will allow people to choose a dental care provider they can afford as well as get the money necessary for treatment. At the moment, Nearby Dental can only assist with finding a Dunedin or Auckland dentist. However, the idea behind the service is so great that one can expect it to grow quite soon.

Nearby Dental uses geolocation feature on their website to help one find the nearest affordable dentist within seconds. It also has a Search by Category feature to make the search faster and more efficient. Click here to find out more about dental services in the Auckland area.

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